torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Titanic, Titanic and Titanic...

Oh, I'm getting tired of building this boat! Titanic is all i have in my mind ^^
This is my forty-seventh attempt to build the RMS Titanic :P But now I'm very happy with the result because I managed to get The grand staircase in it :) So I have decided that this model is good enough, it is after all the interior I want to get as accurate as possible, and not the exterior!
Here are some pictures of my model, and a picture of The grand staircase, because I replaced the columns and the colors :)

Xo xo / Malin

fredag 10 augusti 2012

Palace of Versailles Update

My game crashed again :/ so could not do anything, even my hard drive with all the games also crashed :( But now I've managed to fix it again, so here are some pictures, but I did not know what pictures I have shown, so I give all of them
:) Happy simming