onsdag 5 september 2012

Something new to look at... A little beach house

Hi all! Time to post something up, or what do you say? ;)
This post will not be about the things that you've seen so far, because I needed a break from all of the major projects that I'm doing = P

I got an email from someone who's been on my page, and she recommended a world for me, a world called "Sunlit tides," Ever heard of it?
Anyway, the world is crazy-beautiful! So I recommend you all to get it!
As I explore this world, I saw this little cozy house, beautiful view and everything, so I decided to "pimp" it up a bit;)

Here are some pictures, and guess what, it is finished! ;)

Btw, if you wonder why there is no bathroom to look at, it's because the bathroom was too small to photograph, but there is one in there ;)

If you have any requests, tips or anything please do not hesitate to write!
Now more play, boat or mansion? = P

PS. Is anyone besides me a bit disappointed in The Sims supernatural?

Xo xo / Malin

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